Camera Shelf


Free Flight Corp's approach to camera shelf design is based upon three basic principles:

1.  A camera shelf must be as attractive as the high-quality components that it is designed to hold.  Further, it must be capable of enhancing the environment in which it will be used. Whether it’s a video conferencing installation in a luxury board room, or a distance education venue, it has to look great.

2.  It must be strong and durable.  Our camera shelves are constructed of solid machined acrylic polymer.  There is no paint to chip or scratch during installation.  Did you know that most techs carry a black magic marker in their tool kits for touching up scratches, chips and dings?  We feel that you shouldn't end up with a less than perfect installation that smells like permanent marker ink!

3.  It must be fast and easy to install.  Our industry background includes project management, supervision and coordination of AV field engineers and technicians across the United States.  Consequently, we design our camera mounts to be "tech friendly".  You can confirm this by asking installers which mounts they prefer to see on their project bill of materials.