Camera Mount | CS-SA-S


Dimensions:  4.5” wide, 7.25” deep, 4.5” high


  • Sony EVI-D100
  • Canon VC-C50i


This basic wall mount is a more narrow version of our model CS-SA, making it a perfect fit for the smaller cameras listed above.  Our attractive line of solid acrylic mounts means you will never have to settle for a bent piece of painted metal on which to mount that camera!


  • Solid piano black acrylic eliminates chips and scratches.
  • 1” cable pass through hole and mounting screw pattern matches single gang wall box.
  • Supplied with drywall anchors and screws for mounting to drywall.
  • A standard ¼” screw (provided) fastens the camera to the shelf for added security.
  • Can be coupled with Universal Ceiling Mount Adapter for ceiling mount applications.
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