Mobile and Static Video Furniture Systems


Strength and Integrity

Free Flight’s line of mobile display carts and cabinet base wall systems incorporate construction techniques that are both innovative and unconventional.  Our unique “compression-stacked” cabinet design does not rely on adhesives, screws, cam-locks or staples to achieve a level of structural integrity that is unsurpassed.  All front and side panels fit into ultra-precise recesses machined into the tops and bottoms of the cabinet with the entire assembly “compressed” with the use of steel all-thread rods running from top to bottom at all corners.  This method of construction ensures maximum rigidity over the life of the product eliminating the possibility of joints loosening over time.  Our tempered extruded aircraft aluminum support posts transfer the weight of displays completely through the cabinet to the base of the unit for maximum security and versatility with a great appearance.

AV Carts and Wall Systems


MMS-WP-D Mobile Cart


MMS-GOCART Mobile Cart


MMS-GOCART-D Mobile Cart


MWS-E10-D Modular Credenza Wall System


MWS-E18 Modular Credenza Wall System


MWS-E18-D Modular Credenza Wall System

Discontinued Models


MMS-STD Mobile Cart


MMS-Motorsports Cart




MWS-STD 9" Slim-line 


MWS-CAB 16" Cabinet



harley on top of display mount

Photo of our Model MMS-STD
base cabinet supporting 675 lbs

(demonstration only – not recommended)