Camera Mount | PL-ADJ-C20


Dimensions: 15.5" W x 8” H x 7" D

Use with Tandberg Quick Set C20

Free Flight is proud to offer a new version of our set-top mount for the Tandberg Quick Set C20, solving the problem of where to mount the codec.  Precision lathe-turned polymer spindles and one thumb screw hold the codec securely to the rear of the mount while providing total access to all cable connectors.  The PL-ADJ-C20 works equally well sitting atop a table or wall mounted display. Your technicians will love this product - five-minute installs are common! Just peel and stick the heavy duty hook-and-loop fastening tabs to the top of the plasma, push the shelf down and adjust the legs to contact the front and rear of display.


  • Solid heavy piano black acrylic platform eliminates chips and scratches.
  • Super strong polymer legs adjust to center camera load on displays up to 5” thick.
  • Cable clearance at rear of platform for use with wall mounted displays.
  • Complete with allen wrench, hook-and-loop pads, and hardware.



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