Video Conferencing Furniture


Our furniture products undergo a multi-step design process placing equal emphasis upon functionality, strength, durability, and appearance.  We begin with a thorough evaluation of the needs of our customers, followed by careful material choice based upon years of experience in the custom manufacture of video conferencing furniture.  We also focus on the day-to-day wear and tear our AV carts and wall systems will encounter as a result of housekeeping staff and vacuum cleaner impacts.  This is a much overlooked source of wear that far exceeds the relatively light abuse the furniture will encounter in normal use.  All exposed edges are protected by heavy PVC tee-molding to absorb impacts ensuring that your AV carts and wall systems will continue to look new year after year.

Our unique “Compression Stacked” construction technique eliminates the use of conventional fasteners and adhesives – usually the first point of failure in mobile display systems. 

It has been a common perception in the past that video conferencing furniture and components have to last only a few years.  This was based upon rapidly changing technology and resulting room upgrades that tended to take place every couple of years.
We have always felt that our customers should be able to expect a long and useful product life from our AV carts and wall systems – especially in today’s economy. 

The bottom line is that we take a common sense approach to product design.  If you take a common sense approach to product selection, we are sure that we will be hearing from you sooner or later.